Industrial Plasma Fume Dust Collector

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  1. Modular structure for easy system set up on site. The major components are already installed before delivery.
  2. Compact structure design to save expensive plant floor space
  3. Standard container shipping for cheapest freight cost. All the models can be shipped in standard containers.
  4. Various cartridge filter media available for widest dust collection applications.
  5. Special designed panels between each layer of cartridges prevent dusts from upper cartridges falling to lower cartridges
  6. Longest filter life and highest filter efficiency
  7. Tool-free cartridge cover makes filter change-out a very easy and clean work.

Technical Parameter (Customized is available):

Type Cartridge filter quantity Speed of filtering wind(m/min) Filtering area(m2) Wind capacity treatment(m³/h)
 HR3-12  12  0.4-0.8  180  4500-9000
 HR4-16  16  0.4-0.8  240  6000-12000
 HR3-24  24  0.4-0.8  360  9000-18000
 HR4-32 32  0.4-0.8  450  12000-24000
 HR4-48  48  0.4-0.8  720  18000-36000
 HR4-64  64  0.4-0.8  960  24000-48000


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