Dustless Blasting

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  1. Before confirmed, you should let the vendor to provide their own real product pictures and videos.
  2. Ensure that the product whether to obtain international certification and patent certificate to insure the product quality
  3. Place order on Alibaba is safe but not individual account.
  4. Whenever you find the supplier cheated you, you can get your money back on Alibaba.
  5.  Before place order, you’d better come and check the real manufacture! This is the best mean!
  6. Whenever you are checking the suppliers, please be careful! Ask for real information.


Model Capacity (Cubic Foot) Lasting Time per Fill (Min.) Tank Dimension


Weight (Kg) Operating Pressure Includes
DB150 1 15  1067×584×533 mm ~72 30-150PSI 15m blast hose  

♦Tungsten Carbide nozzle

♦ Nozzle head shut off valve

♦Fill funnel with screen

♦ Lifetime warranty on blast pot

DB225 2 30 1397×660×863 mm ~120 30-150PSI
DB500 5 60 1397×914×1016 mm ~167 30-150PSI
DB800 8 90 1626×914×1016 mm ~194 30-150PSI
DB1500 15 120-180 1981×1245×1245 mm ~380 30-150PSI ♦30m Blast Hose

♦ Deadman Activator Valve

♦ Tungsten Carbide Nozzle

♦ Bulk Load Capable

♦ Lifetime Warranty on Blast Pot

DB1500 Offshore 15 120-180 1829×1219×2413mm ~725 30-150PSI
DB3000 30 240-360 2489×1245×1245mm ~544 30-150PSI

Scope of application:

Sandblasting machine is a new kind of surface treatment equipment, widely used in metal rust & welding slag removal, building surface cleaning, wood restoration, coating & paint removing, oil containment removal, road marking line cleaning etc.


1.High quality surface appearance

2.High productivity efficiency

3.Low cost

4.Environmental friendly

5.Lower abrasive consumption

6.safe, no sparking

7.Less contamination


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