Steel Pipe Inner and Outer Surface Shot Blasting Machine

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Product Advantage
1.No pit design, easy installation and maintenance.

2.Big abrasive flow rate and high projectile speed centrifugal abrasive impellers (American Pangborn technology) improves cleaning efficiency observably, obtaining satisfied cleaning quality.

3.Simulation blasting figure (including abrasive impellers item No., quantity and layout’s confirmation ) and all the drawing of shot blasting machine are drawn by CAD , the abrasive impellers selection and layout are more suitable. Thus improving abrasive’s use ratio and labor productivity, ensuring cleaning efficiency, reducing the damage to chamber guard plates.

4.Cleaning room guard plates adopt rolling Mn13 and fixed by special nut,easy to replace with long service life. The guard plates are the best among shot blasting machine at present.

5.Separator adopting American Pangborn BE full curtain separation technology, ensuring better separation effect.

6.Abrasive control system adopts pneumatically-controlled gate valve designed by our company, simple and reliable.

Technical Parameter (Customized is available):

Type QGW20-50 QGW80-150
Tidy up tube diameter (mm) 30-500 250-1500
Abrasive flow rate (kg/min) 2*250 2*250 2*750
Tidy up speed (m/min) 0.5-4 0.5-4 1-10


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