H Beams and Profile Steel Shot Blasting Machine

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Equipment features:

  1. The impeller head is composed of blast wheel, the structure is simple and durable.
  2. Segregator is very efficient and it can protect blast wheel.
  3. The dust filter can greatly reduce air pollution and improve the work environment.
  4. Abrasion resistant rubber belt lighten the collision of work pieces, and lower the noise.
  5. This machine is controlled by PLC, the operation is easy and reliable.

Product Advantage
♦ Chambers and the distribution of shot blasting machine are designed by professional engineers with three dimensional simulation technology.
♦All blast wheels are tested with load 60 minutes before delivery to ensure the quality.
♦Adopting big blast volume and high mass ejection speed cantilever blasting wheels, can significantly improve the quality of cleaning efficiency, wear-resistant spare parts are made of high chrome material.
♦ Protection chambers adopt cast steel ZGMn13 wear-resistant plate, service life can reach 10000 hours, impact resistance, easy to change.
♦Safety design ensure the safety of operators.
♦Using environmental protection high efficiency cartridge pulse dust collector, dust removal efficiency can reach 99.5%.
♦High quality imported electric control system ensure equipment’s overall quality.

Technical Parameter (Customized is available):

effective cleaning width(mm)800120015002000250030004000
dimension of inlet opening (mm)800*16001200*4001500*4002000*4002500*8003000*8004000*400
length of cleaning piece(mm)1200-120001200-60001200-120001200-120003000-120002400-120004500-18000
roller speed(stepless variable speed regulation(m/min)0.5-40.5-40.5-50.5-40.5-4.50.5-42-8
thickness of cleaning steel plate(mm)3-603-601.5-603-603-603-1104.5-100
Specification of the treated sectional barsø16-28
abrasive flow rate(kg/min) 8*1204*250  4*250 6*2506*2506*360 8*360
abrasive initial filling(kg) 40004000 4000 4500 4500 8000 11000
adjusting height of rolling brush (scraping plate)(mm) 4000200350450600 850900
ventilation capacity(m3/h) 22000 17560 19000 19550 22758 28050 38000
outline dimension (mm) 25017*4500














pit depth(mm) 1937161622572800235328004317
total power(excluding dedusting)(kw) 9078.3113.5 156.6224.55204.8293.6
gross weight of machine(t) 2020.4334153.271.875


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