Sand Processing Line

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  1. the casting surface is smooth, the size is extremely accurate.
  2. the productivity is higher, the production time is reduced a lot.
  3. there is less labor cost
  4. the resource and energy is consumed less.
  5. it is easy to lift the pattern from the mold and it is easy to separate sand from the casting.
  6. more than 90% used sand recycle rate.
  7. it is mainly used to produce iron castings.

Technical Parameter (Customized is available):

Type Productivity (t/h) The sand temperature Wind pressure(Pa) Exhaust volume(m³/h) Cooling water(m³/h)
FT10 10 ≤32°C >0.1*105 >6000 50
FT15 15 ≤32°C >0.1*105 >7000 80
FT20 20 ≤32°C >0.1*105 >9000 1000
FT25 25 ≤32°C >0.1*105 >11000 110


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