Turntable Shot Blasting Machine

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Product Advantage

This technology has the following advantages when comparing with the other methods:

  • mechanical products and metal components to improve the fatigue performance
  • eliminate stress concentration
  • prolong its service life
  • workpiece surface optimization process status
  • greatly improve the cleaning efficiency
  • reduce the labor intensity of cleanup work
  • reduce environmental pollution

Technical Parameter (Customized is available):

Size of workpiece cleaned(mm)600 x 250 x 2501,000 x 500 x 2502,500 x 1,3002,500 x 1,500 x 2804,000 x 3,000 x 7002,000 x 1,0002,500 x 1,500 x 2804,000 x 3,000 x 7004,000 x 200
Capacity of shot blasting(kg/min)2002 x 2502 x 2502 x 2504 x 2502 x 2503 x 2504 x 2504×250
Lifting capacity of hoist(t/h)153040607530456060
Separating capacity of separator(t/h)35015040607530456060
Power (excluding dedusting equipment)( kw)17.335.239.2188.45185.2535.8188.45183.3583.2


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