Wire Rods and Coils Shot Blasting Machine

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Product Advantage

  1. Dust removal system chimney flue adopts overlapping design, avoids steel abrasive spilling over following high pressure draft effectively. (Our company’s unique design), equipped with blastingsettling chamber, reduce projectile spillage further.
  2. Wear resistant guard plate protect chamber wall from wear, extending the service life of the chambers.
  3. The wear resistant guard plates in cleaning room adopt wear resistant cover package cast bolted nut, protects blot from easy damage, the guard plates are easy to maintain and replace.
  4. Shot blasting room cabinet production ensure dimensional accuracy, chamber adopts heavy framework structure thicken wall (thickness≥10mm) has sufficient strength and stiffness, shot blasting room inner wall lined with ZZMn13 guard plates, service life is more than 50000 hours.

Technical Parameter (Customized is available):

Line section dimension φ5.5-φ40 φ6-φ24
Processing speed m/min MAX120 22-150
Shot blasting machine quantity 4 4
Shot blasting machine power kw 4×18.5 4×22
Total power kw 100 162.75
Outline size mm 3440x1575x3630 3200x1800x4500


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