Paint removal, rust removal, cement slurry concrete roughening, small advertisements removal, pavement zebra crossing, of course, 500 kg sandblasting machine completely ended the serious problem of dry sandblasting pollution, and dust was well controlled. Different from the current wet sandblasting equipment, the water sandblasting machine requires very little water and can quickly evaporate, so it will not cause large areas of water accumulation. The spraying pressure can be adjusted at will between 0.8 Mpa. Under the same working condition, the amount of sand it uses is only five times that of dry sandblasting. The sprayed abrasive can also be recycled, greatly reducing the use cost.

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Users first spray off the old paint and the oxide layer on the surface at the same time by installing intelligent air compressors, air receivers, sandblasting machines, and engineering elevators. The speed is about 30 square meters an hour. Every part of the nozzle is sprayed cleanly. No old paint is left on the knife, inside and outside, and the concave corners are renovated and cleaned cleanly without defects. The speed is very fast, The cement blocks can be sprayed clean at all corners, and the leakage slurry guide groove can be sprayed clean in more than ten minutes.

It is applicable to engineering construction, and also can be used to clean steel structures, fitness and recreation equipment, ship building, bridges, mines, machinery, oil pipelines, water conservancy projects, port construction and other pre-treatment such as rust removal, scale removal, burr removal, automobiles, mixers, oil tanks, channel steel, ships. The dust-free and noiseless water sandblasting machine is recommended, and the high dry sandblasting machine is recommended with reliable coating quality. Chuangfu sandblasting equipment technology practices the guideline of “quality is the cornerstone of enterprise reputation” in the spirit of professional dedication and excellence. Technical parameters:

Working pressure: 0.6 - 0.7MPa

Abrasive type: emery, brown corundum, iron shot, copper slag, quartz sand, plastic shot, etc

Surface treatment grade: Sa2.5 - 3

Air consumption: 3m3/min

Abrasive particle size: less than 1/3 of nozzle diameter

Sand blasting efficiency: 25 to 60 square meters Product characteristics

No drifting dust is produced during operation, which greatly improves the pollution of dust to the environment and the harm to the health of operators.

The structure is reasonable and the operation is simple.

Professional production of spray guns, sandblasting hoses and other parts, to ensure reliable performance.

It is applicable to abrasives of various materials and sizes. The abrasive is recycled and the consumption is small. Easy maintenance.

It is convenient to move and operate, with full functions and simple operation.

It is environment-friendly, clean, less sand consumption, more economical, and worthy of use by the majority of users.

1: The sand blasting and rust removal device for mechanical equipment is composed of air compressor, air receiver, oil-water separator, sand blasting machine and high-pressure sand blasting hose. The specific accessories are as follows:

1: One set of 3 m3/min air compressor;

2: One air tank;

3: 3 air filters (oil-water separator); four

4: One 0.3m3 sandblasting machine.

Several high-pressure sand blasting hoses and spray guns.

2: Flow chart of sand blasting mechanical equipment: air compressor – high pressure oil pipe – air receiver – high pressure oil pipe – sand blasting machine – sand blasting pipe spray gun-

III. Sand blasting process parameters:

1: 22kw air compressor should be selected for compressed gas.

2: The degree of purification of compressed air can be tested by the following method: spray compressed air on a piece of white paper for 20 to 30 seconds, and the paper is free of oil stain and moisture trace. If the compressed air is clean, it can be used for sand blasting.

3: Nozzle diameter: 8~10mm.

4: Spraying distance: it should be 100~200mm.

5: Spraying angle: 30~75 degrees.




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