Container sand blasting room

1. Sand Blasting Room is ideal for the large-scale structures, widely used in blasting of hulls, stoves,boilers and wind power

 parts, etc.Large structures can move inside the Blast Room on work cars sliding on rails.

2. Mainly composed with the Blasting Room, Air Blasting System, Sand Circulatory System, Dehumidify System and Dust 


Sand blasting room system is widely used in shipbuilding industry, military, and engineering machinery, petrochemical 

machinery, hydraulic machinery and bridge structures, locomotives and etc. and is suitable for large metal structure before 

painting surface blast cleaned and shot peening treatment .sandblasting processing can thoroughly clean the surface of 

work piece of welding slag, rust, descaling, grease, improve surface coating adhesion, achieve long-term anti-corrision purpose. In addition, using shot peening treatment, which can eliminate the work piece surface stress and improve the


Our company provides of sand  blasting room system has low failure rate, maintenance is simple, high technical content, 

good quality, high efficiency, long service life and working environment is good wait for an advantage.

Technique parameter (Customized is available)

Technique parameter (Customized is available)

Size of workpiece(m):3*2.6*2

Carrying capacity(t):3


Size of workpiece(m):4.5*3.5*2.5

Carrying capacity(t):5


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