Automatic Robot Blast Machine

Rovan is the world-leading innovative company for magnetic automatic robot blast cleaning machine with the applications of surface preparation, industrial cleaning,hold cleanings and so on. Robots adhere to surface by a magnetic drive assembly and can move independently in all directions: up, down, sideways, and even overhead. This enables you to perform a variety of jobs while staying safely on the ground. Fortunately, magnetic automatic robot cleaning the solutions available at cost effectiveness and the minimization of health hazards with the goal of helping to make your business and surface preparation activities as profitable as possible.

Rovan Magnetic Robot Crawlers blast machine are designed to effectively remove dirt, paint and coatings on various steel surfaces like storage tanks, ship hulls and other large steel structures. 

Rovan Robotic Blast machine can be widely used in Marine, Offshore and Petrochemical industries and so on.

Increased ProductionIncreased Production
Adjustable Blast Hose ClampsBlasters remain comfortable and healthy
Adjustable MagnetsReach new highs with increased payload capacity
Consistent Blasting PatternAny SA standard, all day long
Minimal Swing OverlapSave up to 30% on abrasive media
SafetyPrevents fatal blasting incidents



No need for scaffolding or cherry pickers

Turns the work into a one-man job

Safe, clean and efficient operations

Closed systems available

Low maintenance robots

User friendly

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