Mobile dustless blasting system(double tank)


This model is equipped with a large shot peening can and a 360m³/h air compressor. Larger nozzle can be used to improve working efficiency. Large tanks do not need to be fed frequently. The mobile DB800 is extremely efficient, especially suitable for running mobile cleaning businesses. The tank volume and air supply ensure that you can clean heavy industrial workpieces, etc. The 565kg storage tank can be refilled 5 times with the shot peening tank. My 2016 model comes with two spacious toolkits and a hair dryer for soda cleanups. This is very useful for cleaning up a business.

Parameter (DB800):

  1. 8 Cubic Foot Capacity

  2. ~ 90 Minute blast time per fill

  3. Tank Dimensions: 1625×914×1016mm (H×W×D)

  4. Operating Pressure: 30-150 PSI

Trailer Dimensions:

  1. Deck: 4877x2311 mm (L×W)

  2. Total: 6146x 2438×787mm (L×W×H)

  3. Total height of equipment: 2210mm

  4. Purpose Built Heavy Duty Trailer

  5. DOT Compliant LED Lights

  6. Two 5200 LB Axles

  7. Dual Axle Electric Brakes

  8. Electric Breakaway System

  9. 8 Ply Tires & Full Size Spare


  1. 360m³/h Air Delivery

  2. 74 Horsepower Engine

  3. 110 Liter Diesel Tank

  4. Electric Control System

  5. Digital Display Processor

  6. Full set of Engine Diagnostic Tools

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