Vertical mobile shot blasting machine


Vertical mobile shot blasting machine uses the centrifugal force and wind force generated by the motor-driven shot blasting wheel in the process of high-speed rotation. When the shot with a certain particle size flows into the feed pipe (which can control the flow of the shot), it will be accelerated into the high-speed rotation of the shot wheel. Under the effect of centrifugal force, the shot will be thrown into the directional sleeve from the window of the shot wheel, and then through the window of the directional sleeve (which can control the shot blasting) Direction) throwing, picked up by the high-speed rotating blade, and accelerated the movement along the length direction of the blade until throwing, the thrown projectile formed a certain fan-shaped flow beam, impact the work plane plays a role of cleaning and strengthening. Then the projectile, together with dust and impurities, passes through the rebound chamber to the upper part of the storage hopper. The high-power dust remover separates the shot material and dust through the separation device above the storage hopper. The shot material enters the storage hopper for recycling, and the dust enters the dust remover through the connecting pipe. When the dust enters the dust remover, it will stay on the surface of the ash hopper and the filter element through the separation of the filter element. 


Vertical type shot blasting machine is mainly suitable for tank cleaning maintenance,hull cleaning,and clean up the large oil tank and special shape object of inside and outside wall cleaning.


•In the process of rust removing environmental protection free from contamination,produce waste and pollutants are in the process of industrial-grade all recyclying collection system of environmental protection.
•The maneuverability is strong,can be in site construction.
•The steel shot can automatic collection and separation,realize recyclying.
•The construction efficiency is very high,can choode different processing speed and strength to meet the user's actual derusting demand.
•Cleaning effect is good,can achieve SA2.5~SA3,surface cleanliness in the surface to form certain anchor pattern depth at the same time,to increase the coating glue relay.

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