Rovan recycle-BRS35


Vacuum automatic recycling sand blasting machine is an environmentally friendly, multi-purpose and efficient sand blasting equipment. It uses compressed air as power to spray abrasives on the surface of the workpiece at high speed. After the abrasive impact, the rust on the surface of the workpiece is removed, so that the surface can reach a certain degree of cleanliness and roughness. The sand and dust are recovered, and the complete abrasive is separated through the sand and dust separation system for continued recycling. Under the control of a single switch, sand blasting, sand returning, sand and dust separation, All procedures such as sand recycling and dust filtration are completed automatically, and the working environment is clean and pollution-free.


Suitable for removing rust, cleaning paint, welding treatment, removing burrs/flashes/oxide skin, matte finishing of stainless steel/aluminum items, removing dirt on concrete/carving stone surface.


Working mode: Double gun high pressure blasting, abrasive can be recycled

Control mode: remote control

Air input:0.4-0.7kPa

working pressure:4-7 ㎏/cm2

Gas consumption:6-12m3/min

The diameter of sand cylinder:Φ600mm

The diameter of Nozzle throat:Φ6-8mm

The volume of sand cylinder:0.3m3

Loading amount of sand: 350-700 ㎏

Power of Motor:11kw

work efficiency: 15-25 ㎡/h

Dust recovery: 100%

Cleaning level: Sa2.5-3 level

Working radius: 40-80m

Applicable abrasives: steel grit G40, brown corundum (brown corundum abrasive particle size is 16-24 mesh). When using steel grit, the working radius should be appropriately shortened.

Abrasive particle size: ≤1.5mm

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