Rovan recycle-BRS15


ROVAN RECYCLE-15 uses compressed air as power to spray abrasive to the surface to be treated at a high speed. After abrasive impact, the workpiece surface rust, sand, black leather, patent leather, oxide leather and other debris are peeled off to clean and reduce the natural color of metal or non-metal workpiece, and the surface gets the cleanliness and roughness required by the process. Through the sand and dust separation system, the sand and dust are automatically separated, and the separated abrasives continue to be recycled. Dust, rust and sand are collected into the dust collection bucket. Under the control of the handle switch, the sand blasting, recovery, sand and dust separation, pellet circulation, dust filtration and other work of the equipment can be completed "in one go".

Performance characteristics: efficient environmental protection design toxic paint leather, oxide leather, sand dust, rust automatic recovery and separation, abrasive recycling dust-free operation actual detection of toxic paint dust recovery rate of 100% perfect structure design energy loss in the work to minimize, greatly reduce the operation cost. Backblow protection device Backblow system can automatically remove the dust of filter element, protect the life of filter element. The surface treatment grade can reach Sa2.5-3. The working radius can be up to 10-20 meters. Safe and convenient control handlebar switch to realize remote control (gas control). Vehicle-type rain proof design is convenient for moving operations in the sand blasting site. Equipped with lightweight wear-resistant quicksand pipeline, workers labor saving, lasting operation, sand blasting more professional.


Working mode: Single gun high pressure blasting, abrasive can be recycled

Control mode: remote control

 Input power:AC380V 50Hz

Air input:0.4-0.7kPa

working pressure:4-7 ㎏/cm2

Gas consumption:3-6m3/min

The diameter of sand cylinder:Φ600mm

The diameter of Nozzle throat:Φ6-8mm

The volume of sand cylinder:0.3m3

Loading amount of sand:350-700 ㎏

Power of Motor:7.5kw

work efficiency:15-25 ㎡/h

 Dust recovery: 100%

Cleaning level: Sa2.5-3 level

Working radius: 10m

Applicable abrasives: steel grit G40, brown corundum (brown corundum abrasive particle size is 16-24 mesh). When using steel grit, the working radius should be appropriately shortened.

Abrasive particle size: ≤1.5mm

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