Sponge blasting machine:
The Leader in Clean, Dry, Low Dust, Reusable Abrasive Blasting.

Sponge blasting machine working principle:

Powered by a pressurizing device, the sponge abrasive is pushed to the working surface, and the central control panel can adjust the blasting pressure and medium ejection rate, so as to achieve precise control and achieve the purpose of cleaning the working surface.

1. Spray the sponge abrasive onto the surface of the workpiece through the action of external force;

2. The sponge particles are flattened when impacted, cleaning and polishing the surface of the workpiece;

3. Then the sponge cells expand rapidly, forming a vacuum state, capturing dust and debris, and wrapping impurities;

4. The recovery system cleans and sorts the sponge abrasives for reuse, separating media from oversized debris and fine waste. Abrasive recovery rate up to 95%


15m spray hose

#8 Spray nozzle

50-P Recycler

Low Noise Vacuum Ejector

Cyclone Storage Tube

two waste buckets

L*W*H: 246 x 155 x 331cm

Weight: 2948 kg

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