FasterBlaster16 is a small portable shot blasting machine that can run back and forth. Its structural characteristics enable the FasterBlaster16 to pass through a 600mm pedestrian passage, and it can be easily disassembled and installed, allowing for closer cleaning of the workpiece surface. This FasterBlaster16 shot blasting machine can also be operated using a handheld wireless remote control to complete shot blasting cleaning work. The FasterBlaster16 device is 152cm (length) x 76cm (width) x 152cm (height), and weighs 540kg.

1. Rust removal and anti-corrosion cleaning of internal and external walls of pipelines of various sizes

2. Rust removal and anti-corrosion treatment of tank walls, roof, and bottom plates

3. Rust removal and anti-corrosion cleaning of the dome roof and the outer wall of the wind tower

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