Blastpro2-4800DH using shot blasting device and vacuum system integrated design, get rid of the traditional road shot blasting machine dust connecting pipe, equipment transportation and operation more flexible and convenient. Blastpro2-4800DH surface shot blasting equipment was born in the 1980s, specially developed for navy aircraft carrier deck treatment, after continuous improvement and technology development, Its application scope covers the field of airport degluing and delining, all kinds of pavement texture depth anti-skid performance recovery, steel plate surface coating pretreatment, cement concrete pavement and bridge deck waterproofing base surface treatment.


  1. The vacuum cleaner has automatic backblowing system, which guarantees the continuous working ability of the equipment. The large capacity ash storage hopper greatly reduces the cleaning time.

  2. The equipment is simple to operate, suitable for leveling large area operation, high efficiency, less auxiliary personnel.

  3. The part of the shot blasting head at the front end of the equipment can be completely removed to facilitate the transfer and handling.

  4. PLC control panel can display the working state of the equipment, and can automatically detect the fault.

  5. With backward alarm prompt, horn, warning light, emergency stop button, working light and driving position protection switch and other safety facilities.

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