Sand blasting booth

The automatic recycling sand blasting booth is suitable for removing rust and decontamination of shipyard, bridge, chemical industry, container, water conservancy, machinery, pipeline equipment and spare parts. It is mainly composed of sand blasting chamber, sand blasting system, abrasive circulation system, ventilation and dust-removal system, lighting and electric control system.

sand blasting system The shot blasting system is equipped with 1 set sand blasting pot, 1-2 guns. We fully take into account the operation convenience of the workers, specifically custom made the shot blasting chamber operating space, set lighting system and platform, so that workers can operate convenient, effective and comprehensive on piece parts for shot-peening. 

Abrasive circulation system Spiral recycling, scraper recycling, manual recycling for your choose 

Dust-removing system This machine adopts Cartridge or bag type dust collector, is exhausted air produced during working. The dedusting efficiency is up to 99.6%, powder density is less than 100mg/m3.

Electric control system Set shot ball circulatory failure alarm function, if any parts of the system fails, the above components automatically stop running, to prevent the shot ball stuck and burning power device.

Reference Size

Size of booth(mm)Size of workpiece(mm)Spray gun quantity


According to your requirements, the most suitable machines will be designed for your workpieces, please indicate the folloing details.

1. What kind of workpiece will you clean?

2. The workpiece size, length, width, height and weight of maximum workpiece.

3. How many workpieces do you want to clean per day?

Based on this detail information, the detailed technical proposals will be sent to you for reference.


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