Floor Shot Blasting Machine

Floor shot blasting machine is a high-speed injection of steel pellets or other abrasives to clean, purify or improve the quality, appearance or performance of the surface of the object. It is a kind of equipment commonly used for surface treatment and cleaning of different types of engineering projects such as road surface, floor, bridge, airport runway, etc. It can be dust-free and pollution-free construction, which not only improves efficiency but also protects the environment.

The application of floor shot blasting machine in the field of water prevention: it is used in the floor, concrete pavement, bridge deck, etc., to clean the concrete surface by floating slurry, improve the roughness of the road surface, and provide a suitable basis for the bonding of waterproof materials.

The application of floor shot blasting machine in the field of anti-corrosion: it can remove the problems of aging, corrosion, coating peeling and other structural surfaces of roads, Bridges, tunnels, etc., and provide a good foundation for the subsequent anti-corrosion repair work; For the cleaning of industrial equipment, such as the inner and outer walls of pipelines, the inner walls of large oil tanks, ship deck surfaces, cabin deck surfaces, etc., to provide preparation for the construction of anti-corrosion coatings.