What equipment needs to be used for oil tanks cleaning
What equipment needs to be used for oil tanks cleaning

As is well known, large oil storage tanks need to be cleaned every 8 years. If anti-corrosion and rust removal are not done well, it can easily cause major problems, such as oil tank corrosion and leakage, crude oil pollution, etc., which affect the quality of oil products,. After being processed by the oil tank shot blasting machine, the effective capacity of the tank body is increased, safety hazards are reduced, and the service life is increased. Moreover, this machine saves manpower and is environmentally friendly. It is an ideal product in oil tank anti-corrosion engineering. Qingdao Rovan Machinery Co., Ltd. has developed and manufactured a vertical oil tank shot blasting machine, which can effectively remove rust, oxide skin, and paint from the outer wall, inner wall, and bottom of the tank.


The vertical mobile shot blasting machine can roughen the vertical surface of steel in one go, making it even and rough, greatly improving the adhesion strength of the base layer, facilitating better bonding between the anti-corrosion layer and steel objects, and also fully exposing the aging cracks of steel, playing a preventive role.


The vertical mobile shot blasting machine mainly solves the problem of impurity cleaning and removal on the steel surface, and can roughen the surface to make it uniform and rough.

The centrifugal shot blasting machine is an efficient, clean, and dust-free method for treating steel surfaces with hard impurities. This method is most commonly used. The shot blasting equipment has a high-speed rotating impeller inside, and the abrasive, dust, and impurities are cleaned to the debris recycling machine. The cleaned steel balls can be recycled. The surface after shot blasting treatment is clean and hard, There is also a relatively uniform texture. This method is particularly suitable on unobstructed horizontal surfaces

 Advantages of vertical oil tank shot blasting machine:

1. High efficiency, can clean up to 25 square meters per hour, and theoretical data can clean up to 40 square meters.

2. Saves manpower, has a high degree of automation, and can achieve wall climbing high-altitude operations.

3. Equipped with dust collectors for environmentally friendly and pollution-free construction.

4. The steel sand during the equipment cleaning process can be automatically recovered, saving manpower and resources. Traditional sandblasting cannot automatically recover the steel sand, and scattered underground steel sand can be cleaned again, which is a waste of resources and time.

5. Directly clean the tank wall without damaging the tank body, with good rust removal effect and a surface cleanliness of Sa2.5 level




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